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For Texas Holdem Fans:

Do you have a difficult time making the decision about which cards to play or fold? Have you sat at poker tables online and just can’t seem to get the right cards to be able to win? Do you find yourself wondering if you have made the right bet? Winning Texas Holdem for Dummies has been created just for you.

Designed in the famous “For Dummies” style, Michael Greens brings his full scope of knowledge from his experience as a professional poker player in this Texas Holdem book and has clear-cut strategies guaranteed to work. Michael talks about utilizing a simple strategy to playing using techniques he learned and strategies developed over the years.
You want to be straight forward and seriously effective right? Anyone who gets good at anything does three things that make them great at what they do. First thing is to practice, second is to learning the strategies to winning and the third is to get a mentor that can teach you the parts you have yet to figure out from practicing and learning. This book can be that teacher giving you the answers to beating the competition and winning.

The For Dummies series has always brought you the best of books on subjects and this one is just as good. You get more than the winning hands, you get an understanding of what the professionals do and how they do it and do it to win big. If you are an advanced player you will be able to glean countless examples of how to bet, what to do when, how to stay focused and finish the tournament. If this is your first attempt, get ready for the complete story of how to be a winner at Texas Holdem poker.
Do yourself a favor and start winning when you play Texas Holdem. Get Winning Texas Holdem for Dummies and get ready for the excitement of knowing how to win, and win consistently.

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