Fun with Karaoke Games

If you own a home karaoke machine then you know what a delight it can be.  You may enjoy singing on your own, or maybe you like to have karaoke parties with you and your friends.  The great thing about owning a karaoke machine is that there are no rules for what you have to do with it.  When most people think of karaoke they imagine the scene at a bar, with a person singing on stage and a crowd watching.  But there’s so much more to karaoke, and if you have a bit of creativity then you can adapt any song into a karaoke game.  Any karaoke game can liven up any party and make it a memorable experience for everyone to enjoy.  And the best part is you don’t even have to sing all that well in order to enjoy karaoke games, and sometimes it’s even more fun when you have no singing ability at all.  Here are some of the best karaoke games that you can try your friends and your next karaoke get together.

Karaoke contest.  Why take turns singing when all of your friends can participate in a karaoke contest?  You can set it up in any way that you might, but the basic premise is that each person will take a turn singing to compete for prize at the end of the night.  This is a great way to include people still want to sing themselves as they can serve as the judges for such an event.  You’ll see that all participants will try harder and put more effort into the overall performance.

Karaoke celebrities.  This is a really great game that you can try as long as you and your friends don’t mind looking a little bit silly.  The point of this game is to sound like your favourite celebrity singers as you tackle the songs that they made famous.  It’s one thing to be able to sing in your own voice but how about trying to match the voice of someone who sings for a living?  You can also adapt this game into a contest so that there is a winner at the end of the night and a valuable prize.

Guess the lyrics.  How well you do know your favourite songs?  With this game you can match your musical knowledge with your ability to recall lyrics.  This game will start off of one person at a karaoke machine who will be holding the microphone.  They will start singing and only they know the lyrics to the song.  At any point in the song they will stop singing and it will be up to the rest of the people to fill in the blanks.  Sometimes it will be even more fun when people don’t remember the words and see what they come up with.

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