Get Mummified on Halloween: Make Your Own Mummy Costume

Do you want to look scary on Halloween? If so, look like a walking mummified body with this creepy Mummy Costume Ideas. They are one of the best costumes that never fail to send chills to our bones, and give fright to many people on Halloween. They are not just scary, but fun costumes to make for an inexpensive price. There are also costumes for adults, as well as Mummy Child Costumes for your kids!

The important part on your mummy costume is the bandages that were wrapped around your body. This is how mummies are usually portrayed in Halloween movies. Thus, you need to be more creative and look more frightening through these bandages. There are several materials used to create that look. However, most of them are quite expensive since you will need your whole body covered by that one material.

One item that would perfectly fit your budget, without sacrificing the quality of your costume is through using few yards of white or off-white cloth, which can be bought at any thrift store. If you have old cloth stored at your house, then you can use that one, too. It is important not to buy new sheet of cloth, since you will want to make it look older like it was hidden for several decades!

The secret to making your costume look dirtier and ancient-looking is through soaking them in a bucket of black tea. The color of the tea will be absorbed on the fabric, which makes it look older. Now, the fabric will be covered with brown or black color, depending on how dark you want it to look. For a darker shade, you can immerse the fabric for a second time. Then, let the cloth hang and air-dry. You might want to do this ahead of time since drying them may take overnight.

After your cloth is dried, cut them into long strips similar to that of bandages, and stitch them securely into your bodysuit. The bodysuit will serve as your outfit under the wrap-around bandages. This could be a white fitting shirt and pants, white warmers or even a pair of tights and leotards. You can design how you will put the strips together. Overlap the cloth and make sure there are no open gaps in between. You can also trim the edges of your cloth to make the costume look torn and tattered.

Lastly, be the scariest looking mummy with your creepy make-up. Draw dark circles over your ghostly white face, and you are off to scare the entire town with your mummy costume!

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