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Get Results With Indoor Tanning Lotion

Indoor tanning lotion produces the results that you dream of FAST. No more building up a tan slowly. A good, top of the range, tanning lotion is going to provide you with the tan of your choice–whether a light sun kiss or a deep mahogany–in half the time. That means less time on the beds and less money coming out of your wallet, long term.


Indoor tanning lotions are a work of science. They enhance a process which actually happens naturally in our bodies. Melanin is a protein pigment which we each have deep in the dermal layers of our skin. It is this pigment which is responsible for giving us our natural skin tones. Those with more of the pigment have darker skin than those with less. Good tanning products suck up as much of this melanin which is available and releases it in the upper epidermal layers of the skin, where it can then react with the shallow penetrating UVB rays. Tanning beds emit 97% UVB. The reaction between melanin and UVB is what gives you a tan.

Outdoor Lotions On The Beds

Time and again newbies will come in to the tanning solarium holding a bottle of sunblock. Why? They think they need to protect themselves from the harmful rays. Well, as already mentioned, tanning beds emit 97% UVB rays. These are the rays you are paying for to give you a tan. Most outdoor sun creams block these rays–meaning you are wasting your time and money. Tanning beds only emit 1% UVA–the cancer causing ray. The newbie was probably exposed to more than that on their way to the salon.  Furthermore, outdoor sunblocks contain oils which damage the acrylics of the beds.

What Lotion?

Stick to the top brands and you can’t go far wrong. Australian Gold, Swedish Beauty and Designer Skin are all good value for money.

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