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Getting Rid of Body Fat

Most of the time people would be glad to say,”I lost 10 lbs over the weekend!” Losing weight is something that every marketing ads would stress on. But the more important question is, “Should I really be focused on losing weight?”

Body fat vs. Lean Body Mass

What fills in the parts of the body around the muscles and bones is called body fat. It is considered a fluffy insulation that can give people diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer and cardiovascular problems.

Attaining lean body mass is the goal of every individual’s fitness training. It converts carbs into glycogen rather than fat. This gives you stamina in your physical activities. This gives you a feeling of confidence mentally and emotionally.

It is of your best interest to figure out which of both these components should be maintained or eliminated.

Let me provide you with a sample:

A male could be 170 lbs and female at 110 lbs weight but both have 30% body fat composition. They may both look okay but the  fat percentage on their body simply is dangerous and unhealthy.

That’s why it is very much important that you know your current body composition to understand the most effective ways to lose body fat. Weight is not at all times reliable as each person has a unique body composition.

Measurements of your progress also play a vital part in understanding the best way to lose body fat fast. If you don’t measure your success, you might be running in circles and not come up with any helpful results.

However if you are diligent enough in tracking your activities and nutrition plan you would be able to identify which are the right ways and the ones that you would need to avoid.

No one can better understand your body’s needs on how to lose body fat quickly. If you want to learn the fastest way to lose body fast, you need to know your current body fat percentage.

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