Protein Powders and Weight Loss

Most protein powders are isolated from soy products or cow’s milk. They can be mixed into protein smoothies or combined with other foods to boost their protein levels. Using protein powders can offer a host of health benefits for anyone wanting to lose weight or build muscle. Understanding how to use protein powders correctly can help us with our weight-loss goals.

Protein Powder Types
The two types of protein powders derived from cow’s milk are called casein and whey. Of these two powders, whey protein is regarded as the higher-quality protein source. Both of these forms can be purchased at most nutrition, health food and some superstores as a nutritional supplement. Soy protein powders, which are derived from soybeans, can also be used as a weight-reduction drink or supplement.

Daily Recommendations
Our bodies require protein as a way to repair and restore body cells, build muscle tissues and provide energy. Therefore, protein is an essential part of one’s daily diet plan. Even so, some people don’t get sufficient quantities day-to-day. Our present activity levels and our body weight can help determine how much protein we need daily. If we are inactive, we need to multiply our body weight by 0.4g to figure out the amount of protein needed. If we are active ranging to very active, we need between 0.6 to 0.9g of for each lb. of body weight.

Protein powders provide a handy, readily available way to include protein easily in ones daily diet. If our daily protein need is 60g, consuming a single serving of whey protein powder offers about 20g of protein on average, If we are attempting to lose weight, protein powders can be used as a lower-calorie substitute to high-in-fat protein foods sources, like red meat. Protein powders can be blended into a smoothie together with fresh fruit and/or milk at breakfast time or added to a  pudding mix as a protein-packed healthy dessert.

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