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Gourmet chocolate facts

The gift of gourmet chocolate can make people extremely happy. It can often create a feeling of happiness and euphoria. Some people think it’s all in their head, and that it’s just the delicious taste that has that effect over them. Well, the truth is that there are actual reasons why chocolate makes us feel like this. Anyone who loves chocolate will let you know that they enjoy chocolate because it tastes good and makes them happy.

The question is this; Does it truly “make” them happy, or is it all in their head? The question is whether it can actually affect our mind in any way. Let’s take a look at whether there is really something else going on that gives us these feelings.
The BBC Science and Nature has discovered that chocolate contains Tryptophan. The “drug” has been called an aphrodisiac, and is also found in turkey. Tryptophan is used by your body to make serotonin. It is also an amino acid that is essential to our well being.

The malady “chronic fatigue syndrome” has been directly linked to individuals that have a serotonin deficiency.
Studies have been performed by various medical schools where participants were divided into two groups. One half was given dark chocolate while others were given a form of white chocolate that was simply colored brown. The results showed that those who ate the dark chocolate showed fewer signs of feeling fatigues than the other group. Experts feel that the reason is that a high level of polyphenols is in dark chocolate.

This in turn increases the serotonin level in the brain. It has been shown that an elevated level of serotonin can create a feeling of joy as well as make people feel less anxious and worried. It has been said that it works in a way much like the drug ecstasy, although to a lesser extent. You can go in for the wine and chocolate hampers and there are even the cat chocolates which are there for the cat lovers gift ideas

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