Having Fun with Silver Charms

Silver charms are an endearing way to express your personality, your beliefs or simply the things you love. Whether unicorns, soccer or The Twilight saga, you can find a silver charm to reflect something you hold near and dear to your heart.

Animal lovers can find silver charms from birds, cats, dogs, fish, horses and insects to more exotic animals such as bears, elephants and kangaroos. Some may even feature an animal and its young such as a bear and cub charm or a kangaroo and baby charm. Whether you are an animal expert or just want to show your appreciation of your animal friends, silver animal charms will help you make that statement, and no wildlife will be harmed.

Perhaps you want something to symbolize your love for your child or all children. Baby silver charms are cute and can feature common baby items such as booties, bottles or buggies or even classic baby expressions such as “baby on board,” “I [heart] My Baby” and “Spit Happens!” Even if you want to express your inner child, you can find a charm featuring dreidels, jacks, tic tac toe and other games which you will remember from a time before PC games became a major form of amusement.

Photo and picture frame charms are a unique gift idea allowing you to include your own pictures beautifully framed in a silver charm. You may even find photo charms in the shape of a cat’s head or doghouse for those who really want to show love for their pets. Italian charms are easily used for picture charms as each link lies flat on the bracelet.

Many charms can be bought individually for between $8 and $20, with a few charms made by famous brands such as Rembrandt or Tiffany costing more. However, if you buy online and shop carefully, you can find silver charms even by famous brands at discounts. In the end the only difficulty may be deciding what you truly want to express!

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