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High School Sweetheart

I guess many girls actually like Zac Efron and are crazy for him. I guess you still remember that in those days when you were young you would have your own share of crushes on idols, or maybe on your classmates or even worse still with your teachers! Well while the girls have Zac Efron to swoon over, perhaps Vanessa Hudgens would be somebody that guys look forward to but I think while Zac Efron may be popular with the girls Vanessa is not as popular with the guys. By the way Zac and Vanessa have already spilt up if you do not already know. But the reason I have raised this is because such movies and such idols have raised the bars for individuals to let their heart wander. This has also led to more queries from guys for tips on how to get a girlfriend easy. Though I am not an expert, perhaps I may be able to enlighten you on how to get a girlfriend.

I think the most important characteristic that a guy should have which would help in his quest to get a girlfriend would actually be humour. Which girl does not want a guy who is funny or humorous? Well there are also many different types of girls and hence how to make a girl laugh would also vary depending on the individual. Furthermore there are also many types of humour so what might be funny to somebody might not be funny to another. So this is why sometimes you tell a joke but nobody really laughs. I guess it all boils down to how much time you spend with each other. So it is crucial that couples spend some time together before they get married. This is the all important courting phase. Only when the couple find that they are suitable for each other then they should get married.

I just miss those days of high school, when it was all just puppy love and you need not even be mature to be able to handle those relationships. I guess that was a really good break during our childhoods. How many such relationships did you have when you were young? I guess most of us would have had quite a few, unless the school that you were studying in was co-ed and that means single sex which can really be a bummer sometimes. Hope that wasn’t you!

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