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There are many ways to update the look of the room without undergoing major renovations. While buying new furniture pieces is ideal for most decorating needs, it can be quite expensive. Instead, adding wall decors such as framed posters and modern paintings can transform the look of the room without having to spend much. A framed world map, for instance, is especially effective in giving a sense of travel to any room interiors.

Framed world maps come in different sizes and designs suited for any taste and budget. Large world maps are ideal for large unused walls and are attractive alone or with other framed pieces of the same theme. Adding framed photos of places traveled can give a unified wall ensemble. Large framed world maps are also effective in creating a focal point to the room and can be an interesting conversation piece when inviting guests to the house.

For the more budget conscious homeowners, a small framed old world map matched with existing curio items collected from different places can give the same well-traveled look to the room. Smaller framed maps can be placed on shelves along with other decorative pieces or as an addition to a collection of world maps to create a harmonious display. They are especially charming when maps of different designs are used.

Most old world map designs are of neutral colors with natural wooden frames which are ideal for traditional interiors. However, there are also contemporary framed world maps suited for modern homes. They are generally designed with more vibrant colors and graphics framed with aluminum or wooden finishes that highlight contemporary interiors. When choosing world maps for homes, it is important that they match the existing theme of the room to become an effective display. With the variety of designs available in the market today, there will always be an old world map suited for every decorating need.

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