Home Redesign, A Piece A Year

I don’t like the idea of letting my home get stagnant. I want it to be always evolving, always introducing new themes, colors, layouts, and pieces of furniture. This could get pretty expensive however. So I like to replace something in the house every six months or so, just a single piece of furniture, so that the home is always changing bit by bit. This also helps spread the costs, so I don’t break the bank.

Take for example a few months ago. I had been researching glass front doors for homes, because I wanted something that would allow more light to come in during the day. I was looking at everything, from traditional doors that had basic glass panels in them, to doors that were one large piece of glass, elaborately cut so that when the light shone into the house it would split into rainbows and bring in some color as well. This is actually what we ended up with, and it has done a great job of adding a very grandiose feel to the front area of the home. It was all I did, yet it made big changes.

Another time I wanted to get a new bed, as the old mattress was quite old. I settled on a Simmons Beautyrest World Class mattress, which I figured would be great just because of the name, right? Well, this just goes to show that not all investments are the best. It was terrific at first, but these mattresses have a reputation for not being able to really stand up to constant use for years at a time. So it’s still fine, but it’s not as luxury as I was led to believe.

But on the other hand, we’re always trying out new things, which is the goal here – and I end up with a great home. Some things may be better or worse at certain times, but the overall quality has steadily risen, which was my overall intent.

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