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How Safe Are Electronic Cigarettes Really?

The question of whether E cigarettes are safe or not is easier to answer than you might think. To get a grasp on the answer you need to understand what causes the problems to our health when we smoke tobacco cigarettes. When tobacco cigarettes are made their are a huge number of chemicals used as additives. When all of these chemicals are burned they produce toxic fumes that have terrible effects on the human body when consumed. Tobacco cigarettes also contain nicotine, which while causing problems for our health is actually one of the least harmful ingredients in tobacco. E-Cigarettes on the other hand have no ingredients that cause health problems, other than nicotine.

So this means by using E cigarettes you are taking out over 99% of the harmful chemicals found in tobacco, leaving only nicotine. This simple fact on its own should help you work out whether E cigarettes are right for you and whether they are safe or not. The main difference between E cigarettes and tobacco ones, regarding health, are the chemicals. E cigarettes don’t contain any chemicals that tobacco doesn’t, and eliminates the most harmful ones that tobacco does contain.

So the answer to the first question we asked is that E cigarettes are much safer than smoking tobacco. They are going to eliminate a huge number of problems that arise from inhaling tobacco smoke. If you wanted it to be, an e cigarette can be used as a way of cutting down on your nicotine intake. The refillable cartridges can come with varying amounts in nicotine in them, so you can gradually reduce you intake. With other smoking cessation devices you still crave the physical habit of smoking a cigarette. An E cigarette gives you something to do with your hands as well.

So as you can see, while an electronic cigarette might not to totally free from all chemicals, they will considerably reduce you number that you ingest from smoking, which for me as a smoker puts my mind somewhat to rest. While I try to stop smoking I’ve still got my nicotine hit, but without all of those other horrible chemicals.

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