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Should The E-Cigarettes Still Be Legal?

For those that want to quit tobacco, there has been a lot written about the e cigarette and how it can help people stop. Yet those are not the claims being made by the companies that make and sell the e cigarette. Advertising simply promotes the e cigarette as a healthy replacement to tobacco products, since, while they do contain nicotine, they do not have some of the other additives.

However, many people still do not even know about this new device. They are advertised as being healthier than tobacco because you do not light them. There is no smoke and some manufacturers claim no toxins and no carcinogens. Plus, with no smoke, the smoker does not have to worry about people around them and the issue of second hand smoke.

The FDA has been working on getting e-cigarettes banned because they claim they have not tested fully. There is really no evidence that they are safe to use. Other methods for stopping smoking tobacco cigarettes, like nicotine patches, went through testing by the FDA being being approved for use. The FDA wants to put the e cigarette through the same type of testing.

On the other hand, the manufacturers of electronic cigarettes claim that using their product is certainly not worse than using a tobacco cigarette. Since the taste and effect of the nicotine is what give cigarette smoking its enjoyment, the manufacturers claim that their product provides this without the tar and smoke that causes the health issues for tobacco smokers. Since the sale of tobacco is legal, it is really hard for the federal governement to claim that the e-cigarette is illegal and cannot be sold.

So the choice, at this time, is really up to the smoker. If the smoker would like to quite because of the negative health news about tobacco usage, then they can look more carefully at the e cigarette and the claims being made for it. All of these products are still on the market, allowing the consumer to decide what it is that they want to buy.

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