How to Assemble Garage Kits and Metal Carports

Building and assembling the metal carports and garage kits are quite easy. The first thing you ought to do is to check the contents of the metal carports and garage kits package. You have to counter check if all that is listed is physically available. Next, gather the materials and organized them. It might be helpful to group them accordingly and arrange them in a recognizable manner. You must get yourself be familiar with the parts so that it will be easier for you to put it up later.

Next thing to do is to clear the space where you will install the metal carports and garage kits. Free the space with obstructions that could possible disturb your installation. Make sure that the area is flat so that measurement will be easy and non erroneous. Put the floor assembly of the metal carports and garage kits on the ground while making sure that measurements are done accurately and precisely.

With the assistance of one person, put up the wall of the first panel of the metal carports against the side of the floor assembly using the deck screws that are included in the garage kits package. Place the second panel perpendicular to the first, secure with deck screws and do the same procedure for the third and fourth panels.

Next, put the roof trusses to the corresponding walls. Be careful to match it properly. Slide the trusses into the proper place and secure it with screws. Connect the front and rear trusses using the wooden roof connector. Do not forget to secure everything with screws.

Put the roof to the connector panel. Secure it properly to the trusses with the aid of washers and screws. Place the ridge caps to the intersection of the two trusses. Lastly, install the door of your garage by screwing the hinges in proper places. You now have your newly installed garage kits and metal carports.

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