How To Choose A Bathroom Fan Heater

If the morning greeting offered your bathroom includes a cold and damp floor with stale air, you may need to install a bathroom fan heater. Making the upgrade to the can make your mornings much more pleasant as you find that you can easily remove stale air and moisture while keeping the bathroom warm all winter long. This can also make a visit to the bath much more pleasant at any other time of the day or night.

Before selecting from bathroom fan heaters, you will need to understand an abbreviation used in rating the devices. This term is CFM and describes the number of cubic feet removed from the room in one minute. Higher CFM devices are more effective at removing moisture that tends to build up in the bathroom. In addition, you will need to consider the size of the bath in order to determine the heating unit wattage that is needed in order to keep the room warm. Room that are larger than 8×10 (80 square feet) will require heaters and fans with higher ratings, while rooms that are smaller can use the less expensive fans with lower ratings.

Before shopping, you should have a budget in mind of what you want to spend on the unity. If you are in a hurry, you may spend more than is necessary for the fan. Take some time to shop around in order to find the best price on the combination equipment possible. Also decide about installation. If you have some electrical experience and skill you may be able to do the installation for yourself, but if you are inexperienced, you might prefer to hire a contractor for the installation. Be sure that you include installation fees if necessary.

There are several styles of bathroom fan heater fixtures for purchase. With the different models and styles you may want to take some time so that you choose the best model for your situation. If you are unsure of which model to choose, speak with a local home improvement salesperson about which model you should choose.

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