How to Choose Storage Bins

The choice of storage bins is daunting. It’s simple to just pick the first thing you see, or the cheapest, but to do so would be a real disservice to you. Storage bins are made of a variety of materials, and these materials can end up making a big difference in what they’re good for.

Picture a cardboard storage bin. These storage bins are excellent for carrying almost anything. But they can get bogged down if they have to carry heavy weight, or if they take water damage. It’s almost like a cartoon, the notion of picking up a box and having the bottom fall out and everything drop to the ground, but it’s a very real possibility if the box gets especially wet.

If weight or water is a concern, then plastic would be a better choice. As I’m sure you know, plastic can handle much higher weights and is waterproof. So clearly, it’s a no-brainer.

But what if things get a little more difficult? What happens if you are looking for some toy storage for your child? You could get a container made of plastic or one made of wood. Which to choose? Now we’re getting into design, and determining which one fits the feel and the look of the bedroom better. Wood can give a more textured look and feel, and adds heft to the box, while plastic underbed storage is much sleeker and easier to move. Neither is necessarily better, it’s all a question of preference. If you have a child you likes to dump his or her toys out, maybe a heavier box that will stay put would be the better bet. It’s up to you.

So strength and design are just two of the many factors to take into consideration with storage. Don’t be afraid to spend time searching online for a good container, and you may be surprised at what you find.

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