How To Develop Your Creativity

Are we all creative people? Yes, because without creativity humans can’t really be operational, functional and even its survival depends upon creativity. Creativity is not just something of artists, scientists or a few individuals. Creativity touches the essence of life and not just the expression, the depiction of a concrete object or a service or a theory.

I would even dare to add that being creative comes from the drive to live, to be achieved by what the human being is capable of. The drive can be visceral in people responding to this need, the feeling of being able to overcome adversity, the impossible odds.

A person being creative is very conscious of the moment. He will respond to problems and find solutions. He will create a new idea from what exists in it in relation to his environment to go beyond the fact meet the minimum requirements and even survival.

Creativity is the foundation of a vision. A visionary is to be a creative being. It does not seek to maintain what is known, what is for safety. It is tempting to switch the known, outside the box, to go further than simply finding solutions to problems. He goes beyond mere compliance, because too often we have been educated to discover solutions that must meet standards, a known framework.

The biggest obstacle to creativity is not your environment, your living conditions. The biggest obstacle lies in you and the choices you make. These choices are often conditioned by your past, your course of life.

Creativity requires an excess of the known, of your self. Creativity requires the commitment to self first. It is much more liberating and full of satisfaction and happiness when you give yourself permission to express it. The creative instinct will be based on the sudden emotion while creative production comes from a need for self-realization. It does not grow on trees and it is, above all, not exclusive to a group of people, quite the contrary.

Creativity is born in every person who knows how to put a new thought, without wishing to meet known requirements. Creativity belongs to those who belong to each other while wishing to give themselves the means to express their creativity for personal well-being, a feeling of the living beings that they are.

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