How to get rid of fleas using a Bob Martin flea fogger

We all know that fleas are annoying, as nobody likes these biting insects endangering their pets and infesting their homes. If however you already have a flea problem, you should know you are not alone. In fact, every pet owner will have to deal with this problem at one time or another. Since fleas are fairly difficult to be eliminated completely, you have to know exactly what you are going to do before trying to get rid of them.
You should start by treating your pet. Apply him a thorough scrubbing using a high-quality flea shampoo, which will eliminate most of the fleas. Do not worry if there are still several fleas left on the pet, as this is just the first wave in your flea assault. While the pet is drying, you should clean his favorite bedding area by vacuuming it thoroughly. Pay extra attention to crevices and cracks, as the fleas and their eggs could be hidden in these areas. If there are any types of beddings and pillows, you may wash and hang them outside to dry. Now that the critical areas are done, you might want to vacuum other places in your house, such as the carpeted areas and couch cushions. Keep in mind that any area where your pets may have seated can be contaminated with fleas, or their eggs and larvae. When you are done, make sure to empty the vacuum and take the waste outside immediately.
Now it is the time to use a flea fogger or a spray to completely clean your house. Close it up and use a good fogger such as the Bob Martin flea fogger or the Acclaim flea spray, as these will do a great job. Just make sure to read the labels and closely follow the directions. Depending on the square footage of your house, a specific number of foggers may be recommended.

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