How to Keep a Garden Hose Neat

One way of ensuring safety in the garden is not only to put lights at night so the yard is visible in case there are hindrances around but we must also make sure that nothing is cluttered in the garden’s open space such as the garden hose. So in order to make sure that the garden hose does not cause accidents and even injuries to people that might cross your garden, garden hose storage are necessary.

The garden hose storage is a simple storage item that is normally installed or placed in the garden to keep the garden hose from being a visual distraction while it is unused. Garden hose storage items are characterized usually by simple base material that will allow you to wound the hose into a coil. Sometimes these products are just simple containers that will lodge your coiled garden hose. These are the simple designs of garden hose storage containers. You will find a lot more complex and attractive designs in the market at present and they are quite handy in making sure that the garden stays orderly without troubling you or requiring a lot of effort from you.

The simplest design of garden hose storage would just cost a few dollars. You can find garden hose containers that are called simple garden hose reels at this price. There are also simple garden hose carts that cost as much. These designs are movable unlike the hose reel.

The complex design of some garden hose storage can result in costs up to over $100 for a single unit. This is because the design features are very distinct and the reeling of the hose comes automatically. Generally they are referred to as retractable hose reels. When the water supply flowing through the water hose is already stopped, some hose reels automatically reel in with differences in water pressure. There are also designs like this that are movable or come with wheels making it a garden cart and hose reel in one. Another cool type of storage item are hose pots. They look like plant pots but are designed to hold a curled hose inside. They have a drainage hole on the bottom for water to release from.


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