How To Put An End To Back Acne

Do you feel self conscious about your acne? Maybe it’s because the first thing that people see when you enter a room? Maybe it’s because you can’t hide it with make-up or clothes? But what about the acne that people can’t see? Back acne is one of the most common forms of acne because it’s so hard to clean your back properly. In this article we are going to discuss how to get rid of back acne using some homemade cures made from products that you would find in your kitchen. Want to know more about the best way to get rid of acne? Then read on.

OK so before you start to create your own homemade acne cure, you need to make sure that you are doing everything you can to reduce your acne. You need to assess your lifestyle and your diet before you can really tackle your acne. This is because these are the kinds of things that can affect your acne and flare it up. If you were to try and treat acne when the cause is still affecting you then it is a viscous circle that will never result in your acne being treated. So to start with, are you getting enough exercise? A more productive body (healthy body) will help you to heal quicker, will help you to cope better and will produce good hormones rather than bad ones. By doing simple exercise for half an hour each day, you will see a great improvement in your acne. The next thing to take into account is your diet. If you eat any fatty foods then stop immediately. Acne is partly caused by excess oil so by eating more fat, you are putting this fat into your body. This isn’t healthy and will cause an acne flare up. Finally make sure that you are getting enough sleep. Sleep makes an efficient body and as we have already noted, a productive body heals better.

Now that we have those bits sorted we can start to make our homemade recipes. The first one is quite simple and involves some oatmeal (yes the kind you would have for breakfast). Mash some oatmeal in with some cold water and make it into a paste. Put on your face and leave for 5 minutes. This will help to draw out any excess oil and will also help to contract the pores so that no dirt gets in. The next remedy is again very easy to make. You will need an apple and a jar of honey. Grate the apples and add some honey to make a paste which you can then use on your face as a facial mask. You should leave this on for around 15 minutes and then cool water to wash it off. The healing properties in the honey and the anti-oxidant of the apple will both work to heal your acne. You can use this method twice a week and if you have an outbreak, you can add some tea tree oil in with the paste to help deal with your outbreak quicker.

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