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How to Setup an Aeroponic Garden

There are several types of home gardening systems available for those individuals that do not have a yard or live in an apartment. These aeroponic garden systems are great ideas for growing herbs and small plants. Most setups include the container, a watering system and the seeds to grow.

How to Setup an Aeroponic Garden:

There are gardening systems that can be set up on the kitchen counter and those that area little larger that are great for any room with ample space. The first thing to do is to remove all the pieces from the kit box and set up the container or reservoir, then test the tubing that will be used to administer the water spritzing. Place the tubing in the container with the nutrient solution and turn it on and make sure the spray is coming out through the holes appropriately. Once that is checked place the top portion of the system, lid onto the base unit.

The next step is to then place the plastic containers or holders into their appropriate holes. Then place the soil and seeds in as instructed. Lastly place the lighting system up according to instructions, and then turn on the pump and let it go. Monitor the seeds over the next few days to make sure they are not being over watered. There may need to be adjustments later on.


The aeroponic garden can also be made from a large plastic Tupperware container, a small hose, and small plastic cups or holders. However it is done it is a great way to grow herbs and healthy plants from the comfort of your own home. It is healthy, economical, and eco-friendly to have one in the home. Regardless of whether you live in an apartment or a house this system can be set up on the kitchen counter or on the floor in any room in the house. If you want to learn more about aeroponics, LED grow lights and other indoor garden topics then check out top LED grow lights.

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