How to smile beautiful

I will let you know how to give a beautiful smile in this post but first I will address what a smile is. A smile is mostly seen as an emotion such as being happy or fortunate. It is also a form of body language. By giving someone a beautiful smile when he said something you couldn’t hear you can make clear you didn’t understand. You can also smile to someone if you like the person etc. Really, smiling is so diverse I really can’t fit it in a single post. Smiling is contagious as well, try smiling to a stranger and he will probably smile back at you! Now doesn’t that feel nice?

Smiling to a stranger feels good doesn’t it? If the stranger didn’t smile back then it could mean that your smile isn’t as good as you might think. Luckily, I have a few tips that will take care of this little problem. You need to be sure that your mouth is clean and healthy. Clean teeth will also make for a better smile any day. Also be sure that your gums and teeth are healthy as no one likes to see a smile with black teeth and rotten gums. Go to the dentist twice a year and this should help in having good breath as well. A smile with bad breath is almost just as bad as a smile with dirty teeth.

If you’re suffering from bad breath and the visit to the dentist is another two months away you can also try to brush your teeth more often and maybe replace your toothbrush and toothpaste. After brushing use a tooth pick to get rid of any bacteria that’s between your teeth where your brush can’t clean. Also try to avoid foods that are high in acid such as fruit and try to minimize your intake on tea, coffee and alcohol. Smoking is also out of the question! It’s bad for your health anyway. Now you should get complements such as what a beautiful smile all day long!

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