How to Waterproof Clothes

Waterproofing your clothing will help the fabric to last longer and be able to stand against the natural elements without breaking down. A layer of waterproof material will effectively act as a barrier to block out any dirt or moisture from ruining your clothing. This is especially important for outdoor clothes, where the fabric can become quickly ruined from rain, dirt, and constant usage.

If you already have a pair of waterproof trousers and jackets, you can use waterproofing agents to fix any leaking holes in the material. Even the best men’s, women’s, and kids waterproof trousers will eventually get worn down. Instead of spending money to buy a new pair, you can replace them with a few simple tools.

Waterproof agents often come in spray form to make it easy to apply. No special skills are needed to use these products, although you will need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. All products have varying ingredients, so they do not work the same way. In general, the agent will take at least 12 hours to dry, although you may want to leave it for a full day to make sure.

While spraying the agent, keep the can about six inches away from the cloth so the liquid can be spread evenly. If you hold the can too close, it can cause the material to start dripping and leave marks once it has dried. Most waterproof sprays are clear, but you can also find colored varieties.

Not all materials will work well with waterproof agents. Some may be too fragile, while others may have a discoloration effect. To check if the product works with your type of clothing, ask the manufacturer or store personnel for help. You could also try testing it on an old piece of clothing that you would not mind getting ruined.

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