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Indoor Gardening For Urban Dwellers

The current slow movement trend, along with heightened awareness of the advantages of home grown, seasonal fruits, vegetables, and herbs, have created a desire among many urban dwellers to create home gardens in small indoor spaces. Indoor gardening can be easy, fun, and relaxing, and we all know how delicious fresh basil can make a pizza or pasta, or how a little fresh rosemary can bring baked chicken to life. Apartment-owners and other urbanites are at a disadvantage here, but indoor gardening is still possible, given the right tools and knowledge.

All you need to start your own indoor garden is a few ceramic pots, some fresh organic potting soil, and a warm, sunny windowsill. Although some vegetables such as peppers and lettuce grow especially well indoors, the simplest kind of indoor garden to start is an herb garden. Herbs are easy to sprout from small cuttings or from seeds. So, a sprig from your neighbor’s garden will work just as well as seeds purchased at a local nursery. Additionally, as herbs will often be trimmed for use in cooking, they will likely not outgrow the pot, making it convenient to maintain in a small space. If you do not have a sunny window then a grow tent with LED grow lights will make your herb garden grow like no other.

A kitchen window often makes a great place for a small garden, as this is often a sunny spot with a little space for pots. Be sure to set a tray or plate under your pots to protect your window sill from water that drains from the pot. The kitchen is a great spot for trimming and watering, as well as for use in recipes. However, if your kitchen doesn’t have a good space for this, a bathroom windowsill can work equally well, as the humidity creates a great environment for growing plants. Basil, mint, rosemary, oregano and lemongrass are some of the easiest and most common herbs that people enjoy cultivating. Try a few of these and see brighten your recipes, and your home, with an indoor herb garden.

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