Infant Acid Reflux: Should You Panic?

Acid reflux is a pretty common thing, especially for newly born babies; however, although it can be a bit alarming for a parent, it normally is something that you do not have to worry too much of. Also referred to as pediatric GERD (gastro esophageal reflux disease) or infant acid reflux, this condition typically occurs because the digestive system of infants is still undeveloped and the LES or Lower Esophageal Sphincter, which is a band of muscle that sits right above the stomach, is not yet functioning optimally. This particular scenario is even more common for those who were prematurely born.

Infant acid reflux symptoms predominantly arises whenever the child is being fed, but they can also emerge on other occasions. If your child happens to have bad breathe, spits up the drinks and foods that you give them, frequently coughs and is usually agitated or irritated; all of these might be caused by infant acid reflux.

The discomfort and pain the infant experience is the same as that of adults, so can you imagine how uncomfortable all of these can be for a small and delicate child. Fortunately though, this condition is really not that serious and has that tendency of dissipating on its own once the child reaches the age of one to one-and-a-half years old. Then again, one serious problem that could arise is that the baby associates all of the horrible sensations of this condition with eating and difficulty feeding along with gaining weight may occur.

If you feel as if your child is suffering from acid reflux, there are many infant acid reflux natural remedies that can help you out. For one, start feeding your baby more frequently, but with small doses with each feeding all throughout the day. In addition, you should also interrupt the feeding frequently to help your baby burp. Simple alterations with regards to how you position your baby while you go about and feed him or her can also help prevent the symptoms.

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