Is It Worthwhile To Purchase A Purple Violin

It is commonplace, today, on the Internet to find many musical instruments that have been designed in such a way they appeal to the younger set and begin players. As different Yamaha DTXplorer review sites have remarked, this electric drum set is an example of this. Another instrument that comes to mind which we will review in this article, is the purple violin.

In researching purple violins online it was very noticeable that there are quite a few different types of purple violins being marketed. Many off these violins are fairly cheaply priced, nowhere near the price you would pay for a professionally made and marketed violin. Because of this, I do have questions as to how well these violins actually perform.

The first violin that comes to mind is the Blue Moon 4/4 purple violin. It only costs $75 and you not only get a violin but you also get a violin case for that rather cheap price. Upon examination it appears that the violin itself is fairly flimsy and not really able to take much hard use at all. The sound is as you would expect from a $75 violin, and it may be suitable for a person just learning to play guitar to start off with.

You can also find cheap purple violins made by Antoni. The marketing of these violins is obviously very much geared to younger players who want to play something that is a little different, and outstanding in some way. They cost around $65 and as far as the quality and the quality of the sound they produced it is pretty much on a par with the Blue Moon violin. In other words, it may be suitable for a beginner to learn on.

If you’re looking for something a little different to play, something that stands out then you may be interested in a purple violin. These two that were reviewed by not really suitable for a professional violin player however.

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