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Is There A Quick Cure For Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow is extremely painful, there is no denying that. It can sometimes only take a day or two for the pain to go away but if the case is serious, it can sometimes take months for it to go away. It seems silly that something that can come up so quickly takes so long to go away but as with everything, persistence wins. So in answer to the question: Is there a quick cure for tennis elbow? No, but there is an easy and simple way to help you along. The first being pain relief. You will need some anti-inflammatory painkillers to start with. By reducing the swelling, it will ease the pain. IF you have a sensitive stomach or can’t take NSAIDS then an ice pack would help. Remember not to put the ice pack directly onto the skin and cover it with a towel or cloth first.

Secondly you need to look at a support. One of the best supports are the ones that have a metal/plastic splint with them. This will restrict your movements a lot and will give your arm a real rest. The support will also put pressure on the swelling and will hopefully reduce it a bit further. You can even buy supports with built in cool compartments so that you can help to reduce swelling that way too.

Once you have the pain under control and the next thing to do is to start exercising. You can choose to seek advice from your doctor or visit a physiotherapist. Both will be equally helpful as they will have seen many cases of tennis elbow before. In a few rare cases, tennis elbow will result in surgery for medial epicondylitis. These cases are far and few between so don’t worry yourself about this until all other avenues have been pursued.

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