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Kitchen Spice Racks: What Types Are Available?

Spice racks are an accessory that most kitchens need.  Having some sort of organization along with the ease of access to spices while cooking can make a difference in your meals.  You don’t want something to become overcooked because you’re looking for a specific spice in a a huge mess.  That is why having a spice rack in your kitchen is important, but figuring out what type of spice rack would fit best and work best in your kitchen can be tough.  Here are a few different types of kitchen spice racks that can help you out.

Magnetic spice racks are fairly new the game, and are becoming quite popular.  The name is a misnomers because the rack isn’t magnetic, it’s the actual spice containers.  That way, you can place the spice containers on the metal sheet provided, or you can place them directly on your stove or on your fridge, or any other metal surface in your kitchen for each access.

A carousel spice rack is by far the most popular type of spice rack.  It features a spinning base so you can easily access spices that are on the sides and in the back.  They hold more spices than any other type of spice rack because they use vertical space.  That way, it limits the amount of space on your counters it takes up but still holds plenty of spices.

Hanging spice racks are helpful as well.  They don’t take up any counter space because they are either hung on the wall or they can be hung on the inside of a pantry door.  They don’t hold as many spices as other types of spice racks do, but they will still allow you to have easy access to the spices while keeping them out of your kitchen’s main area.  This is perfect for someone who has a small kitchen.

There are many more types, but these are some of the most popular types of kitchen spice racks available.

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