Lawn Aerating You Lawn is a Good Idea

Lawn aerating is the procedure of placing holes into your lawn. This helps for more water and nutrient intake and helps along the way of removing thatch. The issue begins once the top four inches of soil gets very tough and solid. Water and nutrients have difficulty going into the soil. Thatch may be gathered from using a lawn mower. This may simply stay and welcome molds, mildew, lawn diseases and unwanted pests. This is rather than getting decomposed and going back to the soil.

This also improves oxygen to your soil. Thus, it promotes root development and accelerates the decomposition of thatch and microorganisms. This helps to get rid off plugs of soil from your lawn. As a result, grass is established to create new seedlings and roots which may load up the holes. This will also boost the thickness of your turf. Aerating assists to raise lawn drought and you will be able to observe a general development in your lawn health.

The type of grass may determine when you should aerate and just how deep you are going to create holes. It may be best to aerate during the fall season as you have and better opportunity of heat stress and attack of weeds. This is when you have cool season grasses in your lawn. However, when you have warm season grasses it may be best to aerate during the spring or summer season. This is the time when grasses are definitely growing. Soil plugs must also be left on the lawn. Rain and traffic will ultimately take apart the plugs. The plugs are really quite helpful because they consist of microbes which help to rot any layers of existing thatch.

These are the essentials of why you need to aerate your lawn. You will be happy and thankful after you have made a decision to aerate and find out the results yourself.

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