Learn to Hypnotize

Hypnosis is a state when an individual experiences a trance like state of mind where he is not asleep and can listen to the instructions of the hypnotist and readily accepts the suggestions given. To be able to successfully hypnotize someone we need to create a relaxed and tension free state of mind for the subject who would then be ready to accept suggestions. To be able to hypnotize someone, make sure the atmosphere is susceptible and appropriate for hypnotizing.   The lighting of the room should not be too harsh, rather it should be so mild that you can see each other only and this allows the subject to relax.

It is ideal to have the subject sit down rather than lie down. If the person is lying down then there are chances of him getting sleepy and may doze off. Once the subject is reasonably relaxed and comfortable, you can start talking to him in a soothing manner. Your words should come out softly and interestingly. Make sure the subject breaths slowly and deeply. Keep telling the subject to relax and breathe easily until you are satisfied that the subject is now relaxed totally.

After this you must make the subject relax each and every part of the body, so you can keep instructing as “now relax your arms, they should feel light as a feather.” From one part of the body to the next make sure they are completely relaxed. This should be a good time to ask questions about what might be bothering the subject. Let the subject talk about her issues for some time. The subject would discuss the problems they are facing at this completely relaxed and hypnotized state. And hence would feel a lot lighter and better when they come out of the hypnotized state.

You can learn to hypnotize easily, if you keep practicing and ensure that the atmosphere is appropriate you can learn it very fast. It is essential to bring your subject out of the trance in a manner which is as smooth as the one used to put them into that condition. It would be good to count from 10 to 1 slowly and bring the subject out of this state. You must instruct the subject that he will wake up while you are counting backwards and open his eyes slowly. With some amount of practice you can easily hypnotize people.

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