MAC Cosmetics: Great Ways to Try Before You Buy

MAC Cosmetics are the rave, and one of my favorite brands to choose from. They are versatile, and the products were originally designed for professionals in the make-up industry.

One of their most versatile MAC makeup products is their pigments. These come in a variety of different colors, and can be used for many uses. The little jar that it comes in sells for approximately $20.00. If you tend to get bored with a color or like change, these pigment jars would last a lot longer than need be. To be able to get a variety of colors in MAC pigments your best bet is to buy MAC samples. There are a few different places out there to be able to purchase these pigment samples from. Sellers buy a big bottle of the pigment and then they divide the pigment out into 5-gram sample jars. They usually sell you approximately ¼ teaspoon sample at a time. You will get approximately 5 uses out of this sample jar. By purchasing your products this way you will be able to buy a variety of different samples and be able to determine which pigment is your favorite color. One of the largest selling venues for these pigment samples is Ebay.

MAC has a program that is called back to MAC recycling. It offers free lipstick, lipgloss, or eyeshadow when you return six empty plastic or glass containers from their products. If you are returning packaging to a MAC counter, you can choose from any of their lipsticks. The only exceptions are the Viva Glam lipsticks since the profits from those shades go to charities. If you return the empty packages to a MAC store, then you can choose from MAC Lipsticks, Lipglasses or Eyeshadows. This is a great program and a great way for you to get some free MAC products for you to sample. I always like the idea of try before you buy.

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