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Makeup Vanities for The Modern Era

Makeup vanities also referred as bedroom vanities are a combination of both form, and function. It is generally inferred that no Victorian or traditional bedroom is complete without a beautiful wood furniture and richly upholstered, and matching stool. While a modern or contemporary bedroom is never designed without a smart glass and chrome furniture piece.

Primarily the concept of makeup vanity dates back to over hundred years. Although an old fashioned idea, it has not lost appeal in today’s modern world. It is still considered a special and personal piece of item to store all cosmetic products or toiletries. In the recent past a wide range of makeup furniture designs exist in the market. Of this, traditional or antique pieces come with ample drawer space to store products. While large pieces of furniture and mirrors that requires more room space so as not to interfere with other bedroom items are also sold. While modern pieces are available in various sizes that easily blend with any bedroom décor and also fit into smaller areas. However such furniture does not provide enough storage space.


Before purchasing an item it is always advisable to do proper planning. Also the durability and compatibility of the room need to be looked into. Few other basic requirements are:

Mirror – This is the most important furniture piece to be added to any bedroom décor. Since using a mirror only most makeup or other personal care works are done in a better and easier way.

Lighting –The area needs to be well lit to apply cosmetic. There are now inbuilt lighting that comes with most mirrors, thus giving work space on the table.

Storage – Best furniture items offer enough storage room to properly sort and organize all personal care products. Also few cases can be modified to hold trays and baskets in a more secured manner.

Comfort – Setting up comfortable and well equipped interiors is one of the prime aspects that should be considered. Since most part of one’s time is spent in this area. For which furniture with good table tops, stools, good seating facility, items with smooth edges etc need to be arranged.

Colors – Light color that suits the room should be selected.

Electrical outlets – Ensure enough electrical outlets are placed so that more than one outlet when required can be used.

Room elements – Select custom made or products made of wood, china, marble etc. that are appealing to the room. Also include matching items such as rugs, draperies, carpets, wall shelves, and wall decorations etc that give a luxurious and lively feeling to the room.

Hence to achieve better results choose best makeup furniture’s that provide excellent means to create a comfortable and beautiful environment in a home. Further it should also enable to provide reasonable storage space to place all personal care products.

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