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Making Great Rice for your Family

Eating rice if both good for health and very tasty. Well, it can be delicious if you buy a Zojirushi NP-HBC10, that is. There are a wide range of rice cookers that are sold across the country today. Some are okay and some are great. The machine that we are discussing in this product review is one of the great ones. The Zojirushi NP-HBC10 is a 5 1/2 cup rice cooker. What this means is that it can hold up to 5.5 cups of un-cooked white rice. When this has been cooked it will be enough rice to feed ten people. Therefore this machine is a great size for many families. That said, for people with a very large family, you may be more interested in the Zojirushi NP-HBC18. This can feed up to eighteen people. While for anyone with a smaller family, the NP-GBC05 might be worth considering.

There are a few features that make these rice cookers some of the best when it comes to making great tasting rice. To begin with, Zojirushi have a very good reputation in their home country of Japan. Their name is synonymous with rice cookers. If you want the best, then you would be a fool to ignore their machines.

Nowadays, they sell a number of their machines all over North America and Canada. This is good news for Americans who want to eat great tasting rice at home. The NP-HTC10 in particular is a top of the range model. You should understand that this is not a cheap rice cooker. But for many people, paying a premium price for one of the best products is worth it.

What makes this machine so special is that it features Zojirushi’s Induction Heating System. This is an advanced technology that ensures that every grain of rice is cooked to perfection.

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