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Making The Change To A Recurve Bow

Did you know that many Olympic archers use recurve bows?  The recurve bow has a design that allows it to travel farther distances with more power in its simplistic design.  Although, there are benefits to using a recurve bow for field use or hunting, they are more difficult to learn how to shoot accurately.

There are a lot of hunting bows now that can cost you thousands of dollars.  A lot of this has to do with the extra frills that are included such as advanced cam technologies.  The recurve bow hasn’t changed much in design throughout the years and is very simple in design.  This makes the bow much cheaper and easy to manufacturer.

The recurve bow is pretty bare bones.  You have your bow and you have your string.  You’ll need to occasionally replace the string and make sure that the tension is satisfactory, but that’s it.  The recurve bow does not use pulleys like compound bows for it’s power.  It uses the design of the bow shaft to give the arrow and cast its true power.

If you really want to be recognized as a good archer, then you need to switch over to the recurve bow.  With the recurve bow you eliminate all of the technology and focus on an age old design.  The recurve bow allows you to bring your archery game to the next level by honing in on your skill level.  A good recurve archer is one that can hit his target without using any sites.

If you decide to move forward with getting a recurve bow, then you might want to consider getting some lessons.  A lot of field archery competitors use recurve bows.  It would be good if you could find someone who knows how to fire a recurve bow to give you some pointers or lessons.  You should also look into reputable brands like the Bear recurve bow and the Martin bow so, that you are sure to have a quality bow model.

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