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Multitasking Wedding Centerpieces

When it comes to weddings, the word ‘expensive’ often comes to mind. Between paying for a beautiful gown, renting a venue, feeding your guests, and playing some music, the bill adds up fast. If you want to have an affordable wedding without sacrificing the experience, multitasking wedding centerpieces is a great choice.
By multitasking, the centerpiece is serving multiple purposes. In a traditional centerpiece, you will have flowers, candles, etc. that all come together beautifully. Why not make your centerpieces serve double duty? At a wedding, it is inevitable that you will have food, and lots of it. Just by watching cooking shows and leafing through a cooking magazine, you can see that food can be just as beautiful as a centerpiece. Why not let the food do your decorating?
Instead of having one giant cake that is beautifully sitting on its own table, have a smaller cake for the bride and groom, and have mini cakes in the center of the tables. Whether the cakes have fondant and beautiful flowers or you have pretty cupcakes on tiers, you can really dress up a table this way. Add some flower petals and a candle or two and it looks extra special.
If you’re worried that your food centerpieces will be eaten up before they can be enjoyed, why not make your favors into a beautiful centerpiece? If you have boxes of chocolate, wrap the boxes in beautiful ribbon and stack them in a pretty tower. Adorn them with a few flowers and you have a beautiful centerpiece that won’t be torn apart until the guests are ready to leave.
By creating multitasking centerpieces, you can save money on large bouquets and lots of candles. If you’re using favors as centerpieces, the tables won’t look as cluttered, either. There may even be other great ways to multitask your centerpieces. With a little creativity, wow your guests and save a buck while your at it.

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