Music Boxes For Your Gold Jewelry

Jewelry, fine or costume, deserves a jewelry box to house it when it is not being worn. The better the jewelry, the better the box, some would say. So little girl jewelry should reside in a little girls jewelry box, perhaps the one that has a ballerina in it and plays “Good Morning To You” or some other obnoxious tune. Not that any jewelry deserves obnoxious music, just that our tastes are different when we are young.

Later, as the girl gets older, the jewelry gets better, and so the jewelry boxes get better also. Several boxes are needed as the jewelry begins to accumulate. Some are made of glass or china, and some are made of wood. One or two may even be music boxes, with Broadway hit songs or old favorite waltzes. As more jewelry accumulates, some boxes are relegated from the dresser top to the back of the bottom drawer.

Finally, as a young woman, the jewelry gets better still, and requires a better jewelry box to live in. This may be a wooden jewelry chest with drawers or a leather covered jewelry box with lift-out trays. Here the gifts of family and admirers come to rest between being put on parade. One of these jewelry boxes may have a music box within it, but it is probably not wound up and, so, doesn’t sound.

Finally, a woman grown, fine 22k gold jewellery with pearls or small gemstones come to some. These may be gifts or purchases, and they are given a suitable home in fancy musical jewelry boxes. Not too many pieces per box, and all carefully laid out so they don’t tangle or rub. The ultimate adornment and its beautiful home. Here it rests until time requires its distribution to the next generation. A life in jewelry and music jewelry boxes.

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