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Nao Lladro Nativity

Nao by Lladro is a collection of figurines by Llado using a simpler, more light hearted style. The Nao Lladro Nativity includes Mary, Jesus and Joseph, the three wise men, a donkey and an ox. The Holy Family can be purchased as a group or separately. It appears the other figures must be purchased separately, at least from an authorized retailer. On the secondary market you may find the three wise men or two stable animals available in one purchase.

Nao by Lladro also includes three of the Lladro nativity figurines where the Holy Family are combined into a single piece. These include the figurines titled “A child is Born”, “Holy Family” and “Nativity of Jesus”.

“A Child is Born” has Joseph standing behind a seated Mary, who has Jesus in her arms with His head in the crook of her left elbow. Most of Jesus is covered by Mary’s sleeve or mantle. The portrayal is serene and the coloring realistic, but using light colors to give the overall figurine a light feeling.

The “Holy Family” figurine has Joseph standing at Mary’s right shoulder, looking down at Jesus. Mary is seated and holds the swaddled Baby Jesus so the viewer can see Him. Joseph only wears a tunic an does not have mantle in this figurine. The colors are again fairly light and the depiction serene.

The “Nativity of Jesus” figurine has Joseph dressed in darker colors, both tunic and mantle, and he holds a lantern above Mary and Jesus. Mary is kneeling and again holding a swaddled Jesus so the viewer can see Him clearly. This figurine is quite touching.

If you are looking to start a Nativity scene for your family, any of these would be a good choice. They are all expensive, but if your children are older and careful, you could get either the set or the three in one figurine as a family heirloom for the Christmas season.

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