Never Too Old: Dresses for Grandmother of the Bride

You’ve got a wedding coming up in a couple of months. Your mother has explained what she would like to wear, you (the bride) have explained to her what you’re going to wear, but the pair of you worry about grandmother – dresses for grandmother of the bride, what grandmother would like to wear. Now it really does depend on granny. If she is of an age that she remembers reading in the newspaper about the sinking of Titanic – you can assume she’ll wear whatever you tell her. However, if she was a junior high school kid when Kennedy took a ride in a convertible in downtown Dallas, you can assume she’ll want to look nice for her granddaughter’s wedding. That means, grandmother may start shopping herself. First of all, give her some sort of mother of the bride outfits guide although the fashion is mainly for mothers of the bride, she may find something that would suit her to a tee.

If grandmother isn’t so old that her teeth clatters when she speaks or she’s in her early sixties and still enjoying life to the fullest, then there are various stores that she could visit to find the right attire. It is important that you don’t tell grandmother what to buy; remember she may be older, but she wants to make her own choice. Let the lady choose herself.

Many bridal stores recommend Cassandra Stone fashion designs as being suitable for grandmothers and indeed there is a huge collection of this designer’s clothing in most department stores. If grandmother has checked out a mother of the bride outfits guide, she’ll probably have some idea of the kind of fashion she, not only wants, but what would suit her. Antoinette’s Bridal attire up in Canada is able to advise and recommend fine dresses and gowns for all women that are going to be attending a wedding, including grandmothers. All the attire is in-house designer made and can be worn to a variety of different functions.

There seems to be an unwritten rule that dresses for grandmother of the bride, should be elegant yet conservative. It appears that grandmothers are not allowed to show too much leg above the knee and thus daughters and granddaughters are always concerned grandmother is going to arrive at the church dressed in a mini skirt and boots. This, of course, would never happen; grandmothers have been around for a lot longer than people give them credit for and therefore know what is appropriate and what is not. For grandmothers who are in a quandary as to what to wear, check out a mother of the bride outfits guide and make your choice.

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