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New Ideas for Rustic Décor

Rustic décor can work in almost area in your home. It’s a chance to really get a very earthy look in your home no matter where you live. These furniture and accessory pieces are inexpensive and make a big impact. It can also highlight natural architectural details in your home.

Find modern uses for twigs. This can be an accent on your furniture. Just use it as irregular free molding before you paint the furniture. If you have wood furniture you can also really bring this into the space and just use subtle twig accents to transform it into this kind of style.

If you want a more modern look then really consider the type of tree that you go after. Usually this would be a simple evergreen or pine tree. A few years ago it was popular to display several skinny trees in varying heights and not just at Christmas time either. If you do want to go with a pine tree then make it a lot more sophisticated. Take black and white photographs of trees to make evergreens work with almost any color palette. Then vary up the styles of furniture like counter height sets or a rustic dining table.

For a new take on this design style bring in birch covered accessories. Birch bark has ivory, black, and gray. You can just do a few craft projects to cover picture frames or mirror frames. You might even be able to apply it to drawer fronts. This can feel very modern while still relating back to nature. It’s a great way to bring in an organic feel while still keeping it quite chic. Usually rustic accessories feature a lot of cutesy bear statues that can feel a little bit tacky. So you can just venture into a more elegant take on this to really surprise people. It can even really work in a condo. This uses a very contemporary color palette.

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