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Outdoor Area Rugs Made From Polypropylene

If you’re tired of natural area rugs rotting on the porch or having mildew and mold penetrate the fibers of deck carpets, then it’s time to think about an outdoor polypropylene rug. But aren’t synthetic rugs hard and coarse to walk and sit on? That used to be true, before the newest fibers were created that are soft yet resistant to water damage and mildew. They’re also colorfast when exposed to sun. They can get wet and be shaken dry, get dirty and be hosed down, and are very difficult to stain.

Most area rugs made from polypropylene are labeled indoor-outdoor because the rug fibers are soft enough to be used inside the home, even as living room, dining room or bedroom rugs where children may play, eat and spill things or sit comfortably on the floor. They’re ideal for entrances and hallways that get high traffic and for families with pets. They’re no longer made from hard plastic-like fibers with low or no pile, but “pile carpets” that come in the same designs as the rugs used indoors.

What About Design and Style?

Although the outdoor polypropylene rug is synthetic, olefin or a plastic polymer, manufacturers like Trans-Ocean and Couristan, as well as many others, offer unique designs that you’d never guess were synthetic. For example there are oval shaped braided rugs that look like the ones made from soft hand-tied rags or wool fibers. There are others that look like sisal or natural bamboo fibers. The best part of all is that since polypropylene rugs are machine made they’re really affordable. For example, you can get funky designs for as little as $20 and even large carpets to cover a patio deck or porch for under $70. Rugstudio is one place to shop for a variety of different textures, colors and manufacturer brands of the newest indoor outdoor polypropylene rug designs. Some of the largest area rugs that are intricately designed in contemporary motifs and are up to 13 feet long or more cost just a little over $300.

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