Ozone Generators For Swimming Pools

Ozone is an extremely powerful sanitiser that can be used to keep your pool in a good fit state for swimming. The ozone can be generated from oxygen by the corona discharge method and it is possible to get generators that will, if sized correctly, work without the need of extra chemicals like chlorine of bromide. You may find that you will need to install an ioniser in combination with the ozone generator, so that you don’t need chemicals. The ioniser will eliminate algae.

The circulating pump will need to be running daily for at least eight hours and as much as twelve hours, in order to treat the pool. The arrangement of the ozone injection into the water depends on the model of ozone generator. Most likely is a bypass loop around the filter that has an inline injector. The water passing the venturi will suck in the ozone from the generator for it to be mixed in. This is something to consider when you are looking at in ground pool prices.

Whereas the use of chemicals have long term effects environmentally, this is not the case with ozone. If you produce too much of it then no problem as it converts back to oxygen. Ozone is a natural product that works faster to treat water than by using the traditional chlorine or bromine chemicals. The pH of the water does not have any bearing on how the water is disinfected by the ozone.

Not Using Chemicals Has Some Benefits

  1. No more red eyes after taking a dip.
  2. No more having to constantly replace faded swimming costumes.
  3. You will not have the bad chlorine smell to put up with.
  4. Better for not having to deal with the safe handling of the chemicals.
  5. Not necessary to constantly shower after swimming, no chlorine to wash off. You will have to pay less on the water bill, if your water is metered.

Other Uses For Ozone

  • Ozone is also used in care homes, hospitals and manufacturing of food.
  • The fabric restoration industry uses ozone in its processes.
  • It can be used to kill the insects found in stored grain.
  • Decontamination of operating rooms in hospitals, ozone neutralises bacteria.

Ozone is a viable alternative to the traditional usage of chemicals and also to the saltwater pool option. When you have a number of options like this you can take the time to sit down in one of your pool lounge chairs and weigh up all the pros and cons of each system. Then you will be able to make an informed decision on which direction you will go for the sanitising of your pool.

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