Padded Underwear – a great way to a curvier look

As a woman, have you ever been completely satisfied with your body? Ever look at pictures of your favorite celebrity and wish you could have a sexier figure like her? Sometimes the look you desire doesn’t seem to come together because the clothes don’t hug your body in the right places, like a trendy skirt or pair of jeans as your bottom tends to be on the flatter side. Some women elect to go under the knife to surgically enhance their bottom to attain a sexy, round figure.

Wearing padded underwear is a painless, effective and easy way to give your bottom a lift and also without costing a high price. It offers the same benefits of having a bottom lift. It is a panty made up of silicone pads either sewn or inserted into the buttock area of the material. You will not be disappointed when you look behind and see a firm, round and sexy bottom when wearing the padded panty under a tight fitting skirt or pair of jeans.

There is a wide variety of padded underwear available in stores. By wearing the padded panties, the effect is instant as they emphasize your behind giving it a natural, round shape. You can also find those panties that not only have the foam or silicone pads in the bottom area but also padded at the hips to give the appearance of fuller hips as well. And all this is achieved without having to undergo any painful surgery and does not come at a high price either.

There are only two main varieties of padded underwear; foam pads and silicone pads. The pads are attached or inserted into the bottom area of the panty. Foam padded panties are comfortable and light when used and lift and shape your behind while silicone padded underwear gives your bottom a firm form. The company that produces these types of underwear also have low-rise padded underwear that can be worn under low-riding jeans or hipster pants or skirts. Any woman looking to achieve a full, round bottom will find these most helpful.

Padded underwear is a great way to give you a fuller and curvier look. Women who tend to have boyish hips benefit most as they achieve rounder and sexier curves when using the hip and buttock padded panties and without needing to visit the nearest plastic surgeon. It not only transforms their look but also the way they feel about their bodies.

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