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Pale Blue Rugs for Families

If you are trying to create a wonderful home but you have a boisterous family too, it can often seem like the two don’t mix at all well. You might like a large pale blue area rug in the center of your living room but you can be sure that such a rug will be ruined by dirty footprints and soft drinks spills before it is three months old. So, you end up making do with something serviceable yet again and compromising on what you would really like. You love your family, but you wish you could get them to change just a little when it comes to being clean and tidy around the house.

Short of a miracle, of course, you know that isn’t going to happen any time soon, but there just might be a solution to your rug problem right now. Until recently rugs generally had to be professionally cleaned, and so dark colors were just about a necessity if you had a family, but now you will actually find washable rugs for sale in all kinds of colors including pale blue.

These rugs look just like normal rugs but if they get dirty you can have them washed and back on the floor in no time. The only thing to watch out for, especially if you are looking for a large rug, is that it will fit in your washing machine and that your washing machine can cope with the weight of the rug when wet in the spin cycle. If you choose a rug which is too large for the capacity of your machine, you may have to wash it at the launderette in a commercial machine or in the bathtub by hand which is much more hassle. Still, you might think it is worth it to have the beautiful floor rug you want.

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