Paris Hilton Perfume: Is It The Best?

We always prefer to own the cream of the crop and that includes perfumes. Paris Hilton is a celebrity and is known by many people, so when she designed a perfume line, many believe that she will deliver and not disappoint her fans by launching the best perfume. Fortunately, she was able to meet the demands of her fans when she introduced the Paris Hilton perfume, which boasts an apple and peaches base scent. But, it’s not just fruity because ylang ylang, jasmine and mimosa were added as floral accents. Additionally, pheromone or the natural seduction scent, is added so that women who choose to wear this can catch the attention of the opposite sex.

Because of the popularity of the Hilton-designed perfume among women, her male fans’ interest were piqued and they requested Paris to design a cologne for them, one that will put her signature scent on it while at the same time will be suitable for men. Again, Paris was able to do this and many men who have used the Paris Hilton cologne have proclaimed that it’s the best mens cologne. For a woman who was being credited for designing such a popular cologne for men is an honor. It’s not every day that men will choose to buy a cologne that is designed by a woman.
Due to the increasing demand for her perfumes and colognes since their launch in 2004, Paris has decided to design another she called Just Me, which she introduced in 2005. She followed this line with the Heiress and Heir.
So the best mens cologne doesn’t have to be so manly, what it actually needs is to be versatile that men can use it every day without worrying whether it fits the place or occasion. Meanwhile, the first Paris Hilton perfume is considered by many women as the best perfume in the market.

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