Perfume Review: Eau De Gentiane Blanche By Hermes

Eau De Gentiane Blanche By Hermes is a very recent unisex fragrance, which was launched at the end of 2009 in a perfume set with another perfume called Eau de Pamplemousse Rose.

The opening is very intense, and dominated by a floral dry note of gentiana. It is a very lineal trail which reminds of the old colognes of classic perfumery. In the middle phase the aroma is quite dry, with more prominence of warm notes of sweet white musk and traces of dry woods. This is too, a classic combination of masculine notes that can be found in other popular men’s perfumes like Fahrenheit Christian Dior, or Kenzo Flower. Later in the same phase, notes of vetiver and roots are added to the mix. The base notes remain practically unchanged. The gentiana of the beginning is still there and it is indeed neutral, not particularly masculine, nor feminine. Again, this Hermes perfume reminds of an hand-crafted Eau de Cologne in the style of Fragonard.

Compared to Eau de Pamplemousse Rose (with which it was launched), this fragrance is more lineal, and very transparent, in the sense that it is clear from the beginning which development it will have.
It is a fresh summer fragrance (although not so fresh as the other unisex Hermes cologne Un Jardin), also quite elegant for an Eau de Cologne. In the office it has good presence, and it can sustain a semi-informal style, with an unconventional aroma. The absence of citrus notes and the soft woods make it suitable for both men and women. On the night side it’s ideal for open spaces; on the romantic side, wherea most unisex fragrances have notes that are not particularly attractive for any of the sexes, this Eau de Gentiane Blanche has the opposite quality of being attractive for both. The age range would be between 25 and 60, with the best segment being the 40s.

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