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Picking Pink Laptop Skins

Sick of a boring black or gray laptop, but cannot afford one of the more expensive colored computers?  If you are looking for a pink option to brighten up your home office that will not break the bank, look no further than pink laptop skins.  These affordable vinyl coverings will enhance the look of your laptop no matter what style you choose, and will make your laptop stand out in a crowd.

Laptop skins come in every size imaginable, so no matter how old or new your laptop is, there is one that will suit your needs.  Most have a smooth vinyl texture, and can be removed with slight effort once you have stuck it in place.  There are other textures as well.  Some have upraised portions for a pleasant tactile experience (for instance, a monogram of your initial), while others even come in fur textures if you want a warm and fuzzy laptop.  Lots of these skins are manufactured by companies that also produce matching laptop cases, so if you are into matching all of your accessories, be on the lookout for suitable skins.  If you are trying to protect your keys, there are also pink keyboard protectors that will keep your keys safe from dust and spills, for only $5.

There are so many different styles of pink laptop skins that is impossible to name them all.  Are you into animals?  Try a pink leopard skin print, from $10 to $80 online.  (The more expensive options come with the furry feel!)  If you prefer flowers, there are many out there, since pink is traditionally a color matched with flower prints.  These range from $10 to $20 in general, though some more expensive options do exist.  You can even get more customized looks by combining several skins; just be sure to make exact cuts that match.

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