Portable Portable Hot Tubs

While the term portable hot tub refers to any hot tub that is free standing and self contained (as opposed to a tub that is permanently installed alongside an in-ground pool), you may be considering a portable hot tub that is even more portable. There are several manufacturers now offering soft sided tubs that can be drained and moved easily.

These soft sided tubs are growing in popularity for several reasons. In addition to a much lower price point, these tubs can be plugged into a standard wall outlet, are filled easily, and can be easily moved and set up by just one person. Most of these tubs use a heat coil system to keep the water hot without some of the cost often associated with larger electrical heating units. These tubs often consist of a standard round body and an accompanying unit that houses the small filter, ozonator, and heater. The tub is often connected to the filter/heater unit simply by two hoses.

While some standard hard tubs have set molded seats that don’t always fit, these portable tubs often have open soft seating that will fit any body type. Note that these quick set tubs do not offer the extensive massaging jets of their bigger brothers, but utilize bubble jets instead that provide adequate pressure. These tubs can also be placed almost anywhere around your home – literally! Since there is no need for special plumbing or even for special electrical support or additional voltage, portable tubs can set up on decks, patios, sunrooms, or even in basements or rec rooms.

Of course a standard hot tub spa will offer more in the line of hot tub accessories and sheer number of jets, but if you are on a budget and are willing to give up the extra luxuries in exchange for the chance to own your own little piece of heaven, then a soft body tub might be just the thing you’re looking for.

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