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Question: Is Marijuana Addictive?

Addiction is defined as an irrepressible urge to possess and use a certain substance. One of these addictions includes marijuana addiction. People with this certain addiction are unable to halt the desire to use marijuana if they want. Most likely persons with addiction will make constant alibis about why it is still not the time to stop the addiction. However, those with a marijuana addiction are not alone. Marijuana addiction is a condition that affects widely a lot of people annually.

Marijuana scientifically known as cannabis, is described as like dried flower clusters, stems, and leaves of the Indian hemp plant known as Cannabis sativa. It appears like coarse tobacco leaves. It is popularly called as grass, weed, pot and Mary Jane among other common slang terms.

The use of marijuana is through smoking, drinking, eating, and sniffing. Marijuana, when rolled to a cigarette, is called a reefer or a joint. When it is used through smoking, a distinctive odor is smelled.

The various effects of using marijuana are yet unknown thoroughly. Long-term research is still on its way of discovering such. Short term effects of marijuana includes: increased heart rate, poor physical coordination and dilation of pupils. Physical signs include red eyes or blood shot eyes, lethargy, and nausea. Marijuana may also make users happy or withdrawn. Euphoria and excitement are also included. Meanwhile, these effects may also come with negative feelings such as anger, panic, mood swings, and phobias. Many individual health plans will cover the cost of treatment for addictions, including marijuana addiction.

Accordingly, marijuana causes long term physiologic effects. It can damage the heart, lungs, brain and reproductive organs. Stress and problems in life are the major causes why users tend to be psychologically attached to marijuana.

Severe withdrawal symptoms are rarely noticed with marijuana addiction and thus may lead to the perception that marijuana has no physiologic effects. Indeed, marijuana is an illicit substance that can definitely cause serious addiction if use is uncontrolled.

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