Reasons For Choosing Ruby Engagement Rings

The old saying the diamonds are a girl´s best friend may still be true in most cases but the diamond has been losing its grip on the wedding and engagement ring market for the last several years to ruby engagement rings. At this point the question has to be asked why the ruby would be gaining such popularity in such a traditional area. Actually that question is not that hard to answer.

In the first place the diamond, not the ruby, has been the symbol of eternal love and sensuality. Remember the diamond stands for eternity, not love. The first gift of this type you will give your partner is the engagement ring and, at this point emotions are still hot love and not eternal love. The engagement rings are essentially a promise ring, not a commit ring. It is a promise to marry and a symbol of deep love.

The second reason ruby engagement rings are so popular today is economic. The ruby is orders of magnitude less expensive than a diamond would be even if you but an untreated deep red ruby. This means that the couple buying ruby engagement rings is able to spend a great deal more on the metal mounting, getting a higher grade gold for instance, or save the money for the wedding rings or even the wedding itself. A ruby engagement ring can also have a large gemstone in the center with scattered diamond chips encircling it.

Finally the last reason these rings have become so popular is that, as the cultures of the world start mixing people are moving more and more into the nontraditional engagement and wedding. This means that more and more varieties of rings available with many different stones, all of which might hold special significance to the couple. If you are looking for the perfect engagement ring, look at ruby engagement rings.

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