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Renovating My Unique House

Being distinct is a trait that we all want to achieve. There is that streak within us that would want to be separated from the crowd, from everybody else basically. That would mean that our individuality is asserting itself and would like to be more apparent than ever before. This desire to be distinct from most other people is a trait shared by most of us; in fact we probably have it in each of us. It manifests itself in different ways, and it can be as different as the personalities of the persons exhibiting it. One person might show it in the way dresses, while another might do it through his writing or painting style. Still others would show it by being very outspoken when it comes to their ideas and opinions.

As far as I am concerned, I have my own way of showing how distinct and unique I am. I do it by living in a different kind of house, or at least an unconventional one. My choice for a dwelling is a houseboat, and now it is undergoing some major renovations. I have been providing some serious input to the contractor who’s doing the renovating and that is why we’re constantly communicating and discussing. I have a copy of the house boat floor plans and I try to integrate the contractor’s ideas into mine to produce the best possible results.

I would not want anyone to think that I purposefully chose to live in a house that’s over the water just for the sake of being different however. The truth is that I have always been fascinated with water and ever since seeing a houseboat when I was a boy I’ve wanted to live in one. I even drew up my own boat building plans, which became the basis for my present house.

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